Meet Riley


Riley started teaching math in 2001 because has always had a desire OF WANTING TO HELP students feel confident about a difficult subject. throughout his time TEACHING AT scotts valley high school HE EARNED A GREAT REPUTATION AS teacher who makes math easy and fun to learn. RILEY APPLIES HIS EASY GOING TEACHING PHILOSOPHY TO REAL ESTATE AS WELL. if your honest, have your clients best interest at heart, and help them each step of the way THAN THE STRESS OF THE PROCESS IS GONE AND CONFIDENCE IS FOUND. 

being a teacher for many years has made riley a very patient man. he does not rush his clients but rather teaches them and builds them up the whole way. He is very knowledgeable about the financial aspects of real estate. he is a great listener and always has his clients best interest at heart. he TRULY enjoys helping people with their real estate needs.

he loves being a real estate agent and a math TEACHER but more importantly RILEY IS A FAMILY MAN. HE IS THE father of 2 crazy and loving boys, 1 HYPER DOG, AND a truly amazing wife.  If HE IS not going on fun hiking or camping adventures with HIS family HE IS out surfing on the Eastside of Santa Cruz.